Gay Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

Since I was I child, I have enjoyed the Festival of San Fermin. However, at each stage of my life I have lived it differently, because it is a festival for all ages!!!. 

San Fermin Festival.
To date, my strongest change on the approach to this festival was when I entered puberty, and being with my group of friends in the streets of Pamplona during the party, I started to look other guys with their shirts open, their sweaty bodies, their manly voices... different male beauties of so many countries that... well... changed my point of view of the world, and my point of view of the Running of the Bull festivals too!!!

Each year I want to return to meet, in a few streets in Pamplona, the incredible group of male beauty of different cultures and nationalities, that meet to have fun no matter who you are, or what do you like, because is a party where everyone is invited, where there is the security of the tolerance, because the festival is over any difference. 

The usual gay and lesbian bars are open and they receive all kinds of people; the best hours those after dark, when you can not only get a good time with friends or strangers, but also make out with some one, or maybe find a relation fo life, blessed by San Fermin. 

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