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Following our guests' instructions, we are only showing here the reviews of people who have shown their interest on appearing here. Many guests who have used these services, for their privacy, are only writing their reviews on the website of my brother Aitor.

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Clint836, Barbados
“A wonderful day spent with a knowledgeable new friend”

Spending the day with Ernesto ( Aitor Delgado tours ) allowed me an intimate view of Vitoria and the Basque countryside that otherwise would not have been possible. I first contacted him through Trip Advisor intending to book a day tour of Bilbao where I was visiting for the first time. Because the dates coincided with a festival in his home town of Vitoria, he suggested taking advantage of this special opportunity to combine viewing the local scenery with experiencing the festival like a local. Could not have been a better suggestion.

From the visit to the Plaza de Toros to see the young men brave the young bulls ; to the strolls through the crowds and stalls with a translator to assist with purchases ; to drinks and pintxos at places that I would never have found on my own ; to a motor tour of local places of interest, it was a most marvelous day ! And in addition it was spent with a charming man , knowledgeable, courteous and instantly likable.

I would highly recommend spending time with Ernesto/Aitor Delgado. In fact, I have booked his night tour of Bilbao !

Jarquiette, United States, CA

October 11, 2013
My bf and myself made the mistake of contemplating hiring a guide for Bilbao thinking that we might be able to manage without one. Big mistake. Luckily, Aitor was able to work with our last minute request (we arrived on a cruise ship) and we did a half-day afternoon tour since he was already booked in the morning. Book him early! We easily could have used him for the entire day.

Aitor provided the perfect balance of history, present day, and personal experiences of the Basque Country and Bilbao. He was very easy to warm up to and had a great personality. I have had tour guides that were loaded with great information, but lacked the ability to make a personal connection, which made them seem more like a self-guided audio tour. Within 30 mins of our tour with Aitor, it felt as if he was an old friend just showing us around. We were able to see most of the city and ended with an amazing view overlooking all of Bilbao. He was very accommodating and personalized a great itinerary even though we didn't give him much time to work with.

I feel without Aitor our experience in Bilbao would have been much different. We probably would have ended up meandering around, getting lost, missing highlights only a local would know, etc. Instead, we had an unforgettable time and I am even more interested in experiencing the Basque Country outside of Bilbao and I know exactly who I will go to when that time comes. Thank you Aitor!

May you want a private tour designed for you, you can contact us here for details: Ernesto Delgado Contact Form