About me: Ernesto Delgado

My name is Ernesto, a Basque guy. A private local tour guide in the Basque Country making tours for gay friendly and LGBTQ+ community.  These are services of touristic nature and concierge.
LGBTQ+ tours in Basque Country (Spain and France).

I make private and exclusive tours in Bilbao, San Sebastian, Biarritz and the Basque Country. My excursions are tailored only for your group to be safe, comfortable, enjoyable and friendly. Helping you to understand our behaviours and explaining about our way of life.  

I have passion about the Basque culture, meeting new people, and showing our old region to them. In Aitor Delgado Tours where we are working with VIP, business travellers and LGBTQ+ travellers. And in this last one is where I am focusing.

Do you want to tell me about your plan and ideas? Please, write your comments through our website contact form or send me an email to: info@ernestodelgado.es

Main cities in the North of Spain are, in general and as a whole, gay friendly so that there are no neighbourhoods or special areas for LGBTQ+ people. However, there are areas where bars, shops, associations, pubs... more focused on gender and diversity issues are grouped.


Although it can not be compared to Madrid or Barcelona, Bilbao is the city in the North of Spain with the more LGBTQ+ activity (in terms of associative, social & activist activities) and with the biggest number of bars and events throughout the year LGBTQ+ comunity. 

Bilbao LGBTQ+ tours.
All bars, cafes, shops and restaurants in the city are quite welcoming and open minded for any kind of affection between couples without distinction of sexual orientation; based on my personal experience.

Main friendly areas in Bilbao are around Old City (i.e. "Casco Viejo" or "7 kaleak" & "Bilbao la Vieja" or "Bilbi"). The bars "Lamiak", "La Korrala" or "Bizitza" in the 7 streets of "Casco Viejo" are good options to have a few drinks and eat some pintxos sitting or standing in a LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere. Then across the river you can continue your night partying at the "Balcon de la Lola" nightclub, or in the "Badulake" seeing a show by local group "Las Fellini". 

LGBTQ+ tours in Basque Country.
There are also other bars, restaurants, shops, associations... exclusive for LGBT public that you can easily find on the web. I recommend you to check their opening time as they may change throught the year.

Remember you can tell me about your tour plan and ideas through our website contact form or send me an email to: info@ernestodelgado.es

Two best known LGBTQ+ annual activities in Bilbao, and that I love, are:
  • The International LGBT Film Festival ZINEGOAK.
LGBTQ Film Festival in Bilbao.

That takes place in Bilbao from February to March (in 2018 it will continue traveling by the Basque Country until April to visit smaller towns to spread the diversity all along our geography).
  • Bilbao Pride. Which happens in June.
Both events have multiple activities for all audiences and interests. 

Bilbao Pride in Bilbao.

And if you like popular festivals, you have not to miss "Semana Grande" in August, a great local experience and open to diversity.

There are a few LGBT associations in Bilbao and its province Biscay: Aldarte, Bizigay, Hegoak, Errespetatuz, Katalingorri & Sehaska.

There is as well a good variety of hotels in Bilbao that are LGBT friendly. I like specially Gran Domine Hotel, Carlton & Hotel Miro due to its high quality standards and its location.

For anything else: day tours, ideas on what to do, etc. you can contact me through our website contact form or send me an email to: info@ernestodelgado.es