Are there a lot of lesbians in Basque population?

A few years ago, drinking a good Rioja wine and chatting with a group of latinamerican friends, they told me that the first impression they had about Basque women is that Basque women were non very feminine. One of them even said that he believed lesbian population should be big in the Basque Country. It was really strange for me to hear this, especially when I have visited many countries and I have not this perception... However, I can agree with a little more toughness of Basque regarding other population like latinamerican women, for example, (I agree with that group that latinamerican women may be gentler on the deal but as strong-willed as those here). But this difference on character is more related to our culture rather than to the sexual orientation of women in the Basque Country.

The problem is aggravated me when I've also heard that in Spain, specially after a famous recent film that perception is the same as that heard before from latinamericans.

After some time thinking about it, I believe that this perception could have three causes that I believe are crucial:

  • the prevailing matriarchy in Basque society is high, because the woman is the one who holds the reins of the most important social decisions, while men remain economically.
  • The Basque independence movement has strengthened its own identity with a similar dress in both sexes. Asgender equality is a prevailing value; so the dress of women do not differ significantly from those of men: and sport clothing, hair cut and direct behaviour are prevalent in a wide range of women.
  • And of course, the secondary role of women in the Spanish Christian Catholic sexist society, which still remains reluctant to the equality that is coming slowly in our society.

If I consider to the above reasoning, this perception from foreigners about lesbianism presence in the Basque Country (I insist it is not mine) can be founded on the differences on Basque women roles in the last years.

I hope that after this post some sociologists, and anyone who wants to contribute (respecting different opinions), can open our eyes to which these perceptions are correct or simply baseless visions. Please, share your views here!

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