Visibility of lesbians in the Basque Country.

When I wrote the post: Are there a lot of lesbians in Basque population?, I was also thinking about the actual visibility of lesbians in the Basque Country; and my perception was clear: there are few lesbians in Euskadi!. Or at least that's what I see.

An important part of this research is the survey that was conducted between May and September 2007 amongst 468 lesbians
According to the survey, less visible lesbians in the CAV and Navarre are: on one hand teenagers and on the other older women. In fact, lesbians who are at an age between 20 and 45 years are the most visible, while those under 20 or over 50 years are the least visible.
This reflects undoubtedly the greatest difficulties faced by teenagers and older women to tell to their family or work setting their sexual orientation. These difficulties, as mentioned in the study, have to do with the circumstances surrounding these ages, such as a lesbian in the case of older women.
In addition, for 50%, the context where they hear for the first time about lesbianism is within their group of friends.
According to the survey, the friends are the first to learn they are lesbians, before families, study or work mates. This reflects that for most of them, it is easier to be visible in private (family, friends) environments rather than in more public settings (work, school, college, etc.).
Faced with this high level of difficulty to say it, we have that three out of four women say that it is important to their environments to know that they are lesbians. For 17.7% of women who do not consider important is very difficult to talk about their personal situation, ie publicly assume that they like women.

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