LGBT company looking for collaboration to work in tourism in the Basque Country (Spain or France)

I am Ernesto Delgado and together with my brother Aitor Delgado I have a tourism company for premium and luxury travellers who want to know the Basque Country through unique experiences. In general, we are focused on offering unusual experiences to individuals, couples, groups of friends, all kind of families, travellers with pets, etc. we do not discriminate against people because of the color of their skin, sex, religion, politics, etc. You can check about our services at: &

We are looking for LGBT or LGBTfriendly people in Spain, France or anywhere in the world (specially in United States, United Kingdom and Latin America) who want to collaborate with us in client acquisition for our businesses.

We are also looking for LGBT or LGBTfriendly persons who are offering services of any kind to the tourism (except intercourses, which is not our business) in the Basque Country, or that they work Basque subjects (we want to focus on Basque Culture as a business case), such as:
  • Tour guides or graduates in art or history
  • Travel agencies
  • Musicians (of any Basque instrument or playing Basque traditional folk music)
  • Painters (with main themes such as: landscape, way of life, famous Basques, traditional folk scenes...)
  • Basque handicrafts
  • Lodgings (hotels, rural hostels, restaurants, bars & caterings)
  • Farmers (cheese farms, biological products, traditional Basque products)
  • Traditional bakeries
  • Fashion, cosmetics, clocks, jewleries and other articles of personal use
  • Wellbeing (SPA, gyms, beauticians, saunas, ...)
  • Leisure (golf, casinos, sport activities, shows, theater, parties…)
  • Kid events (any activity for them: clowns, magicians...)
  • Museums (art museums, fashion museums, chocolate museums...)
  • Wineries (Rioja, Txakoli...)
  • Health and rehabilitation centers.
  • Industrial factories interested in visits to their installations.
  • Any other, please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt on any other subject.

Furthermore, anyone who is unemployed or still working but with interest to offer his services to LGBT persons, we can help on your concept and developing your business from your talents (those who will be useful for that business) and to develop the connections with others for your success.

Please, write to our adviser Carlos Palenzuela with the following data:
  • Full name
  • Telephone
  • City
  • Service that you offer or that you can offer (if you have a site, blog, twitter or facebook site, please, let us know)
  • Years working in the tourism.

Thanks for your time!!!