15 years of gay relationship, I know I live my love, but... what can I give him?

Next October my partner and I are making 15 years of relationship, from the moment that we made it official, because we were going out since April to chat, go out and have sporadic intercourses. 

Afterwards, I learned that was going the last time that he will insist on having a relationship wit me, as the first 4 times, I have said “no” to him. 

In these years, we have to overcome many things, apart from those typical of making a new family. The key for me is the respect, the interest for common subjects like travelling, gay life, and the common project of life that we have done little by little together and overall the interest to keep alive our love, but without any effort, all came out easily. Everyday I told him that I love him (he often gets upset about this because I told him sometimes 4 times per day). He does not say it a lot, but he makes things that demonstrate it: a flower by WhatsApp, a lovely glimpse, a kiss... 

Overall, he is a person who has help me to discover myself. We have never separate for any reason, nor have an argument for something that would harm our relationship; well, only when he told me that he needed to be proud of me professionally (because it was the only thing he did not admire on me), and I made my effort to develop the tourism company that I have with my brother.

I do not know how our friends see it, but always that we speak about couples, they speak about us as an example of understanding, love and project of life. Thankfully, this time I will not have problems to know what I am going to give him for our anniversary, I know him well already, and with a tourism company I have the tools to surprise him again... and of course... I am preparing the suitcase!