Paco Rabanne, the Basque fashion designer gets the French Legion of Honour

It is surprising that many Basques do not know that Paco Rabanne (born as Francisco Rabaneda) is from Pasaia, near San Sebastian. This does not happen so much with Balenciaga, maybe because Paco Rabanne has made most of his career outside of the Basque Country. 

The father of Paco Rabanne, was a colonel, loyal to the preregime government and was executed by Franco forces, so that his family exiled during Franco times as his father was a colonel in the Republican Army

The mother of Paco Rabanne, was a dressmaker for Balenciaga.

Paco Rabanne is recognized all over the world by using various colours and textures in his creatios. He is also well known due to the Puig perfumes. 
Paco Rabanne
The first works of Paco Rabanne were innovative costume jewelry and plastic buttons that he sold to Balenciaga, Dior & Givenchy. Pierre Cardin, for whom he worked creating accessories, necklaces or painting ties, suggested him to make a necklace that will reach the floor. This was the starting point for his first plastic dress.

Diseño de Paco Rabanne
Coco Chanel, called him "metalworker". Actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn or Brigette Bardot have worn his dresses. Unlike most of the Basques, he does not eat meat, he is vegetarian. He has done some paintings and he is well known as well for having extrasensory perceptions.

Paco Rabanne en Pasaia, su ciudad natal
At 76 años, he was awarded with the French Legion of Honour, the biggest award given by the Government in France. In 2010 the Spanish government gave him the National Fashion Design Award, and the Spanish Government Culture Office spoke about him as the best Spanish designer alive.